Native Plant Garden

Native Plant Garden – Clark Reservation State Park


The Native Plant Garden showcases almost 60 of the 300+ native plant species found at Clark Reservation. The “glade” area (near the water fountain) contains plants typical of the shady, moist woodlands at Clark Reservation; the "meadow” area includes plant species that are normally found at the forest’s edge and in open areas.


Native plants are crucial components of a healthy balanced habitat. Most insects that eat plants (and this includes most butterfly larvae (i.e., caterpillars)) cannot eat plants that they did not evolve with. This is part of the reason that insect numbers are declining drastically worldwide.



Consider planting native plants in your home garden; every little bit helps!


The Native Plant garden was originally the idea of Janet Allen, president of Habitat Gardening of Central New York. She and a group of volunteers created this garden in 2006 to show how native plants can be used in home gardens.

Plants by Bloom Season




Volunteers maintain the native plant garden.          Please submit the volunteer form to help in the garden.

CONTACT:                                                       PARK HOURS and ADMISSION: 
T: 315-492-1756                                                        Open year-round dawn to dusk
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                                                                                                                Memorial Weekend- Labor Day     
                                                                                           Hours subject to change:
                                                                                             11 am to 4 pm  Sat, Sun, Holidays
                                                                                             11 am to 3 pm  Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri
                                                                                             10 am to 3:00 pm  Tues
                                                                                  Check website "calendar" page for updates

                                                                                  Free admission to Nature Center                                                                                                     * School and Group programs by request



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